What is the difference between steel structure HN and HW

HW is called wide flange H-shaped steel, is the H-beam height and flange width is basically the same, mainly used in steel frame structure in the steel column, also known as the steel column, mainly used in the steel column.

HM is called the wing H-shaped steel, the H-beam height and flange width ratio of 1.33-1.75, mainly used in steel structures used as steel frame columns, in the load of the frame structure is always used as frame beams, such as equipment platform The

HN called narrow flange H-shaped steel, is only H-beam height and flange width greater than or equal to 2, mainly for the beam

The use of I-beam is equivalent to HN steel

WH270 * 250 * 18 * 23 for welding H-beam. W is the first letter of welding.

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