The installation method of Color plate

The installation method of Color plateThe installation method of Color plateThe installation method of Color plate

1. The installation of roof panel started from the gable. Survey and set a datum positioning line at the lower end of roof in advance to guarantee the accuracy of installation, then install in order.

2. Check the roof panel in lengths (normally ten panels) during installation, to check the straightness of the two end of the panel and the parallelism to avoid that it will be inclined or fan-shaped. Necessary adjustment to be done during installation, micro-adjustment to be done one by one to meet the requirement of quality.

3. Joint of roof panel in length direction will be over-lapped on the bracing members, lapping length is 250mm.

4. Reliable sealant to be done to lap at the length direction of the roof panel, silicone or weather strip to be filled at two ends, 15mm apart from the panel end. Bottom panel over-lapping length is 80~100mm, sealant might not be done at over-lap.

5. Leave 50mm gap between two panels at ridge, it is preferable to bent the panel upward at 80” to form a flashing. The pressed steel panel to be projected 120mm at gutter, bent downward at 10” to form a drip.

6. Over-lap of flashing board not less than 100mm, with enough width and rolled edge, spacing of joints not more than 50mm. Sealant to be done to over-lap for water-tightness.

7. At roof ridge and interface between upper and lower span, flashing and roof panel to be jointed by over-lap, lap not less 200mm, insert waterproof closure in lap. 


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