The development trend of Light / Heavy High Rise Steel Structure building

Light / Heavy High Rise Steel Structure is environmental protection, the steel structure in accordance with the sustainable development concept" - steel structure in the 21st century will occupy the vast construction market. In vigorously promoting housing industrialization in our country at present the background of steel structure system will become the mainstream of the residential structure system.
2.1 from the design, construction, steel structure industrial production, more and more iconic steel structure building, is enough to prove our country's steel structure building from design to construction, from design to industrial production and processing of steel structures, the professional quality of the steel structure design in practice continuously improve, a number of distinctive strong professional research institute, design institute, construction units and construction supervision units are more mature, professional, technical and scale to be more perfect.
2.2 from the steel structure application scope, steel structure building in our country are from top heavy and large span space industry and public buildings to live in the development of steel structure.In recent years, with the development of urban construction and the increasing of the high-rise buildings, the steel structure in our country developing rapidly, as a kind of green building, steel structure residence has been the ministry of construction as a key promotion project. In fact, the steel structure housing in China started late, just after the reform and opening, introduced from abroad some low-level and multi-storey steel structure residence, we have the chance to study and draw lessons from. Individual foreign companies to promote their products in the 1990 s in Beijing, Shanghai and other places to establish multi-storey steel structure office and residential buildings. Massive research and development, design, manufacture, installation of steel structure residence is developed in recent years.


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