The company quality assurance system

1. Contract review management: the bidding documents and the draft contract for review, to ensure that the terms of the contract clear and correct understanding, to its formal contract signed before and during the execution of the contract review.

2. The drawing data management: this project technical documents including design changes, construction contact list from sent to the recycling process to control, such as to make it under control.

3. Purchasing management: the company to establish a qualified supplier list, and regularly carries on the review, when the complete plan, purchasing products comprehensive contract with corresponding regulations and standards of strict verification, etc. 
4. The management of the construction unit supplies: will provide materials included in the purchase of the construction unit, according to the rules for verification, inspection, storage and preservation, record and deal with the problems arise.

5. Product identification and traceability management: for raw materials, construction process and effective identification of completed projects, make the product identification and traceability.

6. Process control management: control of the construction process each link, ensure the quality meet the requirements, the special process operated by qualified personnel and continuous monitoring.

7. Inspection and test management: in accordance with the provisions to inspection and testing of products and processes, to ensure quality meets the requirements.

8. Inspection, measuring and test equipment management: according to the rules of the inspection, measuring and test equipment purchase, management, use, maintenance and periodic verification and calibration of strict control, to make it in good condition and precision can satisfy the use requirement.

9. Inspection and test status management: to control the inspection and test status identification and operation, to ensure that it is only through the required inspection and testing and qualified products to use and install. Identify ways to record and physical signs.

10. Management: the control of non-conforming product of nonconforming raw material, semi-finished products and processes timely identification, isolation, and take corresponding disposal measures for examination and approval, shall not be use, installation or hidden.

11. Management: the corrective and preventive action for the construction of serious is not qualified or repeated occurrence of unqualified investigation and analysis, the corresponding corrective measures, and summarize, analyse the trends and its possibility, take corresponding prevention measures, reduce the unqualified to zero.

12. Handling, storage, preservation and delivery management: for construction material handling, storage, preservation and delivery for strict control, to prevent their damage or deterioration.

13. The control of quality records management: to the quality records are identified, fill in, collect, justice, storage, preservation, according to the provisions of strict control, to verify that products meet the stipulated requirements.


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