The characteristics of H steel

1.High structural strength

Compared with i-steel, section modulus, load bearing conditions being the same, can save metal 10-15%.

2. The flexible design style, rich

In the same high beam, the steel structure of 50% than large width of concrete structure, so that the building is decorated more flexible.

3. Light weight structure

Compared with concrete structure dead weight is light, reduce weight, reduce the internal structure design, can make the building structure based processing demand is low, construction is simple, the cost is reduced.

4. High structure stability

Is given priority to with hot-rolled h-beam steel structure, its scientific and reasonable structure, good plasticity and toughness, high structure stability, applicable to withstand vibration and impact load of building structure, strong ability to resist natural disasters, especially suitable for some more earthquake belt structure. According to statistics, in the above magnitude 7's devastating earthquake disasters in the world, predominantly h-beam steel structure building victims is minimized.

5. Increase effective use area of structure

Compared with concrete structure, steel structure column cross-section area is small, which can increase the building effective use area, depending on architectural form, can increase effective use area of 4-6%.

6. Province work material

Compared with the welded h-beam, can significantly save work material, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy and artificial, low residual stress, surface appearance and good quality.

7. To facilitate mechanical processing

Easy to structure connection and installation, but also easy to dismantle and used again.

8. The environmental protection

Using h-beam can effectively protect the environment, embodied in three aspects: one is compared with concrete, can use dry construction, small noise, less dust;2 it is due to reduce weight, foundation construction soil quantity is little, little damage to land resources, in addition a large number of concrete consumption, decrease rises increasely stone, be conducive to the protection of the ecological environment; Upon expiration of three is the service life of the building structure, the structure is disassembled, small solid garbage, high scrap recycling value.

9. High degree of industrial production

Is given priority to with hot-rolled h-beam steel structure industrial production degree is high, easy to machine manufacturing, intensive production, high precision, easy to install, easy to ensure quality, can make the factory built a real house, bridge fabrication plant, industrial workshop production plant, etc. Development of steel structure, create and driving the development of the hundreds of new industries.

10. The construction speed

Cover an area of an area small, and is suitable for all-weather construction, influenced by the climate conditions. Made of hot-rolled h-beam steel structure construction speed of about two to three times the speed of the concrete structure construction, capital turnover doubled, reduce financial expenses, saving investment.

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