Steel structure roofing leakage treatment tips

1, design aspects

(1) reasonable choosing roof system according to the characteristics of steel structure roofing thermal expansion and contraction, the roof structure of floating roof, roof panel transverse to the bite type locking, namely vertical seam seam, with longitudinal sandwich extrusion links, while roof lap length should not be less than 40mm, this kind of structure can be sliding and sealing good, good waterproof effect and strong wind resistance.

(2) the design of roof rainwater system should be designed in strict accordance with the specification requirements, and set the relief measures, at the same time window under the eaves of the design of the roof edge, the water board and the Yin and yang angle the details of the detailed drawings, to prevent water leakage phenomenon.

2, construction

(1) in the roof plate installed before the color plate on the roof plate clamp professional flanging, its height should be between 50~70mm, and the installation should ensure the roof plate at the ridge gap between the 50~100mm process, at the same time fixed plate non empty nail.

(2) in addition to gutter should use stainless steel material, after welding to the closed water test, if it is found that the leakage shall promptly repair welding, and overflow device is added to the 150mm in order to avoid the rain along the gutter, overflow gutter edge to the interior.

(3) at the junction of brick and light steel roof, in order to avoid the temperature deformation, shall be two times the edge and connection processing, and in connection with the brick wall, the edge should keep a certain angle, and then implement completely sealed, and the edge between the sealant is used to seal.

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