Steel structure roofing leakage reasons

1, Design aspects

(1) The design of roof rainwater system is not in accordance with the specifications set relief measures, so the rainwater discharge capacity exceeds the system may occur after a rain swept over the joint phenomenon, resulting in steel structure roofing leakage. Among them, the use of buttons and nail plate connected roof is likely to appear serious Water Leakage phenomenon.

(2) The window on the roof of the water board under the eave edge, and corner details lack of detailed design drawings, construction team lead to lack of experience can not be strictly construction, resulting in Water Leakage risks.

(3) There are design flaws of small section while roof purlin spacing oversize, so under the wind load, the purlin and the pressure plate deformation is too large, there is a structural defect, resulting in roof water produced.

2, construction aspects

(1) The gutter welding quality, material anticorrosion treatment is not in place, or not done under the gutter insulation measures, resulting in leakage of gutter, at the same time, the summer temperature difference is large, easy to produce condensation.

(2) The wall purlin is not straight, there is a gap between the classmate frame and steel structure, or sealed windows, window profiles with problems, resulting in the flashing window head edge parts of water seepage, water under the eaves window appears.

(3) The construction of the key nodes are not in accordance with the requirements of the construction or treatment is not in place, such as the short side coiled material sealing, the fixed point is rare, white metal deformation, sealing material, sealing is not good, so the roots parapet fails to make Yin angle arc or arc is too small, resulting in roof leakage.

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