Steel structure processing production

Construction of the prefabricated light steel building system is divided into two main steps, namely the factory production and site installation.

This introduction to factory, including the following processes:

1, to acceptance of the steel, sorting and filing, including the necessary correction:

2, according to construction drawing layout, making sample, sample rod;And which line and discharge;

3, the line of steel after shearing (flame cutting), (drilling) hole and chamfering, etc, and the flat parts need through simmer bending and roll round process to molding;

4, in the process of machining deformation of parts for leveling (roll flat, flat top);

In figure 5, the parts assembly into components, and welding, riveting);

6, on the welding distortion correction;

7, derusting and painting, etc

The h-beam, box column and cross column are different, detailed explanation is made below.

A, H shape steel making process

01, h-beam mechanical assembling process operation schematic diagram

02, H section steel component backing welding process operation schematic diagram

03, H component end milling process operation schematic diagram

04, H component manual lock operation schematic diagram

05, H component assembly operation schematic diagram

06, h-beam machinery correction operation schematic diagram

07, H component door welding operation process


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