Steel structure fabrication in our workshop.

Steel structure fabrication in our workshop.Steel structure fabrication in our workshop.Steel structure fabrication in our workshop.

Assemble the structural members in automatic assembly machine

before assembly, the assembly members and design drawings should be checked if they are the same.

Assemble the webs and flanges, spot welding to form T type, then spot welding to form H type, spot welding use CO2 gas shield welding.

Webs use second positioning, firstly use mechanical system to do rough positioning, then use hydraulic system to do accurate positioning to ensure webs neutral.

There will be special inspector to inspect the structural members after assembly.

Manufacture of steel column and roof beam:Put the straightened H-beam on the well lined platform to cut and trim the ending plate,as well as make the web and flange plate bevel-cutting according to the requirements of specification. End cutting machine is used to cut according to the design documents and construction process card in order to control the cutting dimension. The angle of cutting end face and center line of the H-beam should be strictly controlled.It must be adjusted if beyond the allowable deviation range of specification.


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