Steel Structure Construction Scheme

.A brief account of steel structure work

There will be 6 8t bridge traveling cranes in production hall, welding H-section steel column and beam, structural main material is Q345B, cold bending sheet steel Z-purlin, wall and roof cladding are double-skin pressed steel sheet and thermal insulation wool.

.Characteristic of steel structure work

The single span of the work is 18m, the height of steel column is large, single frame plane external rigidity is very small, so the key point of safety technical control is to guarantee the stability outside the structural plane.

Take out 6 steel columns from grid line 9~14 in the production building, instead of 52.5m space truss as trimmer beam to support the upper structure and crane load, the installation of the space truss is a difficulty point of this work.

.Fabrication of steel structural members

Technical preparations prior fabrication

1. Study and check the design working drawing before fabrication, make shop drawing and get approval from designer then prepare material for fabrication.

2. Make a plan and program for fabrication as per the type, quantity and material of the structural members.

3. Write construction techniques and technical measures, and the equipment regular examine and maintain plan, keep the machinery in good condition.

Material requirements:

1. Select and confirm the material for the project.

2. All kinds of material should be with quality guarantee and ex-factory certificate. If there is any doubt, sampling examination should be taken according to relevant national standard, only when passed the examination material in batches can be used.

3. Rust degree of steel surface should conform to the present national standard .

4. Jointing material (welding rod, solder, flux), high strength bolt, and coating( under coat and top coating) should be with ex-factory quality certificate and conform to the design and national standard.

5. If the skin of welding rod is peeled off or the core is rust, welding flux is wetting and agglomerating or melting, the high strength bolt is rust/damaged or taken from different batches, these materials are strictly prohibited.


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