Steel structure

1 steel structure design drawing is divided into steel structure design and steel structure construction detailed two-stage.


2 steel structure design diagram should be completed by the design of the design unit, the design of the contents and depth of the drawings should meet the requirements of the preparation of steel structure details; steel construction details (ie processing map) should generally be a special steel structure Design of qualified production units to complete, but also by the qualification of other units to complete.


Note: If the design contract does not specify the design requirements of the steel structure construction, the steel structure design content is only steel structure design.


3 steel structure design


1) Design Description: Design basis, load data, project category, project profile, steel grade and quality grade (if necessary, physical, mechanical and chemical composition requirements) and connector type, size, weld quality level, corrosion And fire prevention measures;


2) the basic plane and detail should be expressed steel column and the lower part of the concrete structure of the structure details;


3) The layout of the structure plane (including the floor, roof) should indicate the location and elevation of the positioning relationship, elevation, component (can be arranged single line drawing), node index index number, etc .; if necessary, draw purlins, Layout and key profile; space grid should be drawn on the lower chord and key profile;


4) Component and node details


A) Simple steel beam, column can be used to show a unified list and list method, specify the year steel grades, size, specifications, stiffening practices, connecting node details, construction, installation requirements.


B) Lattice beams, columns, supports shall be drawn flat, section (if necessary plus facade), with the positioning size, the total size, the size, the size, specify the single component model, specifications, assembly nodes and other components Connection details.


4 steel structure construction details


According to the steel structure design of the composition of the structural components of each part of the enlarged view, the standard size, material requirements, processing accuracy, process requirements, weld quality level, should be part number; and consider the transport and installation capacity to determine Component segmentation and assembly node.

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