steel production quality did not meet the requirements of the performance

1 cutting, cutting


In the cutting, cutting, the flange plate width and width vary, resulting in H-shaped steel and the size of the cow is inconsistent, and the steel legs connected to the upper and lower flange plate misplaced about a thickness; cutting edge with a deep cut , The edge of the board has obvious depression, or have a deeper serrated, cutting roughness exceeded, the edge of the puzzle cut is not vertical, splicing and other wrong side.


2 assembly

In the assembly, welding H steel without assembly frame, resulting in H-beam height of the size of the deviation, the center of the web; wing web docking, the weld is not flat, there are obvious bump; light steel web is not flat, before assembly Not corrected.


3 welding

In the welding, the light steel welded H-shaped steel wing open and then stitching, the weld is not installed to extinguish the arc, resulting in incomplete weld, the edge of the pit is not fused, and the base metal is not flush; The size of the foot is less than the design of the provisions of the drawings, fillet weld collapse phenomenon is serious, the arc is generally lower than the base metal, more pores; the use of CO2 welding weld forming poor, uneven width, inconsistent, Suddenly small; manual welding seam is not straight, wide and narrow, biting serious; welding slag splash is not clean.



4 Drilling

In the drilling, the drawings are not very good in advance, in the open row of holes, open a double row of holes, the results did not fill the hole to stay on the components. Such as the column and the legs of the H-beam at the junction of the double-row of holes, and beam and secondary beam of the same specifications of the H-beam for the single row of holes, but the openings are open when the double row of holes, the installation of the impact of strength and appearance quality.



5 assembly process

During the assembly process, the steel column legs and H-beam connection at the upper and lower dislocation, left and right dislocation, did not control the size.


6 rust and paint

Rust and paint: rust and sloppy, did not meet the level requirements, the paint soon appeared rust, peeling; film thickness is not uniform, the thickness of the sun is generally thick, up to 250μm, but the yin often around 90μm (indoor paint Thickness of the provisions of 125μm); paint before the impurities are not clean, dirt and more uneven, sagging phenomenon is more common.


7 parts transport storage

In the process of transporting and stacking the components, there is no stacking of the pieces, but the unloading, the random stacking, and even the components buried in the mud ditch, resulting in deformation, bumps and pollution.


8 components factory

Components factory, steel columns, steel beam center line mark is not marked, quite common, to the installation of construction correction test difficult.


9 wing web stitching

The wing web splice length does not meet the requirements. If the wing plate splicing length should not be less than 2 times the width of the wing, flange plate and web splicing weld should be staggered more than 200mm, web splicing length of not less than 600mm. But often do not meet the above requirements.

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