Safety working measures

1. All constructer must be abide strictly by national safety rules and regulations, make self-protection conscientiously.

2. All constructer must be trained and educated with professional safety knowledge, and go to working bearing the certificate.

3. Appoint full time safety supervisor to the site. Appoint full time safety administrator to each working team to form a effective safety network..

4. Arrange different safety measures to different works, make records, organize inspections.

Safety points for attention at construction site

1. Firmly carry out national stipulation of

2. Strengthening site construction management, constructing road to be level, smooth, and hardened, material and structural members to be piled and stored stably and in order.

3. No smoking on site, in workshop and temporary warehouse, equip with firefighting device.

4. Provide safety protection cover and ground protection to electrical equipment, someone must be put in charge of machine operation, each machine to be installed with a electric shock protector.

5. Provide sufficient protective glasses, mask and safety shoes to staff on site.

6. All material and structural piled and stored stably and in order in proper place. Structural members must be fixed while piling and assembling, no walking ahead to the moving members.

7. Pry up object with hands, it is prohibited to ride on the crower and carry the crower under arms. Do not overexert oneself while using crower work high above the ground.

8. Check the spring board, scaffolding, swinging scaffold, scaling ladder, rope and safety netting etc prior to work high above the ground.

9. No one allowed to go into the hoisting site, do not stand under the crane cantilever. The hoisting director can not stand ahead to the heavy object to be hoisted. Running stably while hoisting, the hook can be removed only when the hoisted members in position and fixed temporarily or connected reliably.

10. When the wind speed reaches 10m/s, part of hoisting work should be stopped, when it reaches 15m/s, all the work must be stopped. No welding outdoor in rain. Check the structural members after rain and wind make sure the blinding and support be firm, slip-resistance work need to be done.

11. Clear the site after each shift, keep the road smooth, cut off the power after work, check the working site after work make sure no fire dangerous.

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