Relevant Practical Knowledge of Commonly Used Steel Profile

A.Simple section steel:

① Square steel---Hot rolled square steel,cold drawn square steel;

② Round steel---Hot rolled round steel, Forging round steel,cold-drawn round steel;

③ Wire rode;

④ Flat steel;

⑤ Spring flat steel;

⑥ Steel angle——Equal angle steel、unequal angle steel;

⑦ Three angle steel;

⑧ Six angle steel;

⑨ Arch steel;

⑩ Elliptical steel。


B.Complex profile steel:

① I steel——Common I steel、light I steel;

② Channel steel——hot rolled channel steel(common channel steel、light channel steel)、Bend channel steel;

③ H section steel;

④ Steel Rail——heavy rail、light rail、crane steel rail、other dedicated steel rail;

⑤ Window frame steel;

⑥ Steel sheet pile;

⑦ bend section steel——cold bend section steel、hot bending section steel;

⑧ others。


C、Division of large,medium,and small of profile steel


I steel:  high≥180mm, high<180mm;

Channel steel:  high≥180mm, high<180mm;

Equal angle steel:  edge width≥160mm, edge width50-140mm, edge width 20-45mm;

Unequal angle steel: edge width≥160×100mm, edge width 140×90-50×32 mm ,edge width≤45×28 mm;


Round steel:  diameter≥90mm, diameter38-80mm, diameter10-36 mm;

Square steel:  edge width≥90mm, edge width50-75 mm, edge width10-25 mm;

Flat steel:  width≥120mm, width60-100 mm, width 12-55 mm;

Rebar:  diameter≥40 mm,  diameter 10-36 mm;

Rivet steel: diameter 10-22 mm;


D、Hot rolled H section steel


1.Said method of hot rolled H section steel: H section steel divided into three types: wide flang H section steel, Narrow flange H section steel and H section steel file。 Said method:height H×widthB×web thickness t1×wing thickness t2.  For example: H section steel Q235、SS400 200×200×8×12  is represented as : 200mm width, 200mm web thickness 8mm,wing thickness 12mm


 2.Advantage of H section steel:H section steel is a new type of economic construction steel,the shape of H section steel is economic and reasonable,with good mechanical properties. Each point of the rulling section is evener with small internal stress.Compared with common I section steel,have the advantage of large section modulus, light weight and saving metal. Can make the structure reduce 30-40%;Often used for large buildings that need bearing cutting ability, good interface ability.


E、Cold bend section steel is a kind of economic and light thin steel.It have the advantages followed:


1.Economic and reasonable cross section, and also save metals.。Cross section shape can be designed by the requirements.

 2.Have a wide variety.

3.Surface is bright and clean,good appearance and accurate size.The length can be adjusted according the needs.


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