Quality guarantee measures

Fabrication quality guarantee measures

1. Organize a internal full time inspection team to carry out regular and irregular inspection or spot checks.

2. Operating workers to be educated and trained by the full time inspection team before work.

3. Inspect each process by 3 steps: initial inspection, self inspection and specialized inspection, only when it passed the specialized inspection then next procedure can be proceed.

4. Strictly check on the raw material, take necessary test. Material which has not been tested must not be used in advance.

5. Welding flaw detection , tensile strength and skid resistance coef. test is to be taken as per relative stipulations.

6. Arrange reasonable schedule for fabrication work, fix the time for each process and link, chase and feedback and adjust it promptly.

7. Examine and maintain equipment before working.

8. Arrange rational flow process and intersection work.

9. Take regular and prompt inspection to guarantee smooth production.


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