Preparation of materials

Preparation of materialsPreparation of materials

1. Steel
(1) According to the design drawings or according to the design department of stock listing, ordering steel.
(2) To improve the material utilization the original steel plate steel or high value "as possible times' order. If not, order steel department should coordinate with design department of choose and buy can maximize the utilization ratio of steel steel specifications.
(3) The steel varieties, specifications, performance and other products should be consistent with existing national standards and design requirements.
(4) Used for steel structure of the material should have a guarantee of quality, the technical indicators should be consistent with existing national standards and design requirements, and the steel (physical) and the warranty of furnace batch number, the same requirements for design, contract review or when in doubt about the quality of the steel, should be stipulated in the current relevant national standard sampling inspection, mechanical properties, chemical composition, qualified rear can use.
(5) Steel corrosion, pitting or the depth of the scratches must not half of the negative deviation value is greater than the thickness of the steel.

If these defects in the processing of steel than the prescribed standards or spot steel fracture with delamination defects should be timely and relevant departments to provide case, stop the use; Handle in time.

(6) Steel types inter replaceable and thickness must be subject to consent by the design unit to sign to feed processing.


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