Measures to ensure the construction period

In order to ensure the project can be finished on, take the following steps:

1. Transferring, good management of the project management team shall be implemented for the project construction plan, organization, coordination, control, supervision and command functions, at the same time, can choose a does not fear endures hardship, continuous fighting professional team work, high standards to ensure project smoothly.

2.To the total time limit for a project in the construction as the goal, to phase control plan to ensure effective use of enterprise internal and external conditions, take the dynamic management, make scientific construction organization, rationalization, to ensure the plan on schedule or ahead of schedule.

3. Comprehensive plan management, conscientiously feasible construction schedule network plan and the corresponding operation plan, plans to construction production and coordination, the length of cohesion, network plan eventually stick to day week, balance scheduling, to ensure the implementation of the monthly plan, so as to ensure the implementation of the total project time limit for a project.

4.To accelerate the construction speed, take measures to arrange with construction, steel structure processing, the construction of pile caps is installed, steel structure, roof building doors and Windows processing installation cross construction, operation must be subjected to the total package units unified arrangement, and follow the progress of construction schedule arrangement of the specific plan, formulate feasible guarantee measures, to ensure construction, in order to scientifically, guarantee time limit for a project.

5. Fully ready to start the preparations for the former.


6. Earnestly work found that the blue prints. The design problems to solve in the technical disclosure, to avoid construction delay due to design changes in the time limit for a project, prepare the feasible construction organization design and the main component project construction work provides reliable guarantee for the continuous construction.

7. To do a good job of ideological and political workers, illustrate the importance of the project construction, the seriousness of the time limit for a project commitment, set up the "dare to play the good fight" confidence and determination, guarantee time limit for a project run smoothly and to ensure the implementation of the total duration.

8. Material pledge material resources is the necessary condition to ensure the project smoothly, as soon as possible to make arena materials, machinery, equipment, plan, and according to the schedule in advance into the scene. Strengthen the mechanical and electrical equipment repair, maintenance, eliminate phenomenon "to" in spite of homework, the scene arrangement capable maintenance personnel, ensure construction in the mechanical pipe above 85%.

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