Finished work protection

1. Metal surface sandwich panel is to be protected during installation and before acceptance.

2. While boring and cutting, clear out metal dust, rivet, nail, screw and waste steel plate or foam to avoid damage the panel surface.

3. To avoid scratching metal surface, installation works should not wear the shoes with metal bottom or nail.

4. Dragging the metal panel or dragging sth. On the panel are prohibited.

5. While gas or electrical welding is being done, take measure to avoid spark damage the metal panel surface.

6. While doing intersection work, not to knock the finished roof and wall cladding.

Pressing the scaffold onto the finished wall and roof is strictly prohibited.

7. Metal panel work is prohibited to be interested with concrete work, to prevent the metal finish corroded by cement.

8. Centralized load is prohibited on the roof cladding to avoid the roof panel cracking.

9. After roof work finished, no walking on it without permission, if it must be done, refer to the provided by constructor or manufacturer, avoid damaging roof cladding and flashing.

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