Construction preparation for steel structure building

Construction preparation for steel structure buildingConstruction preparation for steel structure building

1. Construction preparation plan is the premise of the construction of the production, according to the actual circumstance of the engineering project content and branch and projects department to develop construction preparation plan, to lay a good foundation for the smooth progress of engineering.

2. Technical preparation due to the characteristics and construction of this project before the construction of a detailed and careful preparation.

1. Organize various professionals familiar with drawings, drawings for self-examination, familiar with and master the entire content of the construction drawings and design intent. Each major related comparison, found the problem, and negotiate with construction units, design units in advance, to participate in the construction units, design units and organization design drawings and/or disclosure comprehensive came.

2. Prepare the construction drawing budget, according to the construction drawings, calculation of partial quantities, in accordance with the provisions, to paraphrase the construction norm, the number of detailed calculations required materials, artificial number, mechanical machine-team number, in order to make progress plan and supply plan, better control costs and reduce consumption.

3. To do a good job of technical disclosure. Main process technical clarification before start working, make to participate in the construction of all personnel to accomplish know fairly well to engineering requirement, in order to scientifically organize construction and according to the reasonable process and technology for the construction. Technical clarification adopts three-level system, namely technology department head - professional foreman - each team leader. Written text and graphics, technical clarification slopes clarification sign, technical managers to professional master clarification requirements detailed, complete, perfect, and combined with the specific quality requirements of the operating parts and key parts, operating key points and matters needing attention and so on in detail about disclosure, foreman is accepted, the disclosure should be repeated in detail to the operation team, team leader, after accept disclosure should organize workers to discuss seriously, to fully understand the construction intention, to ensure the engineering quality and progress.


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