Causes of water leakage in steel structure workshop

1, design reasons: may be poor consideration in engineering design, without taking into account the actual situation. It will cause the house to leak. Especially in the northern design, if you do not take into account the amount of rain in the local snow, the slope of the roof design is too slow. The water won't go out. For a long time it will leak. There is also improper installation will lead to leakage of steel structure workshop.

2, construction factors: Construction is not required in accordance with strict construction standards. Also, in the construction of steel structure workshop, pay no attention to protection has been built. Steel structure plant roof panel span is too large, installation is often difficult to meet the design standards, so water leakage. In the key part of the construction is careless, making the waterproof layer height is not enough.

Waterproof measures of steel structure workshop: 

1, the use of longitudinal seam: that is, in the roof gap where full coverage, but play a waterproof role. But for old steel structures, the existing waterproofing layer must be removed. The new waterproof layer is being renewed.

2, the use of horizontal joint: that is, love the edge of the old plate, using 10cm waterproof layer of coverage.

3, to ensure that the need to do waterproof places, drainage smooth: if there is water, first clean up, and then roofing waterproof work. In construction, must be in strict accordance with the construction standards to do. Follow the design drawings in strict accordance with the procedures.

4, in the operation of the process should be careful: it is recommended in the root of the roof pipe, ofan waterproof system in waterproof above absolute advantage. Rubber covers are used to handle large nozzles.

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