Calculation of light steel structure

Calculation of light steel structureCalculation of light steel structure

Light steel structure calculation features more, I listed about ten aspects, out for your reference.

1, load calculation. Vertical load in the purlins, according to the actual value of access, but live load transfer beam, due to span, maintenance load will not be full, generally multiplied by the reduction factor of 0.6 or so.

2, the wind load value. Generally less than 1.5 times the local basic wind pressure value.

3, purlin calculation. Not only to calculate the positive pressure, but also consider the local wind load caused by negative pressure, torque.

4, column strength and stability calculation. Basically with ordinary steel structure, only the cross section is calculated with the effective section.

5, beam bar calculation. Compared with the ordinary steel structure changes greatly, the shear force calculated by the pure web, bending moment to bear and part of the web.

6, beam and column of the local stability of the calculation. The ratio of the free extension b of the compression flange plate to its thickness t should not exceed 15, and the ratio of the web height h0 to its thickness tw should not exceed The following values: column h0 / tww 250 beam h0 / tww 300.

7, beam lateral support calculation. The lateral support of the light steel structure is in the form of a corner brace, and the case of support as a support rod, its own must have a certain strength, the strength of the general strength by the axial compression component calculation, the formula is: N =. F - the yield value of the solid steel beam; θ - angle between the angle of the corner and the purlin; the angle of the steel bar, The number of diagonal bars.

8, steel beam connection point calculation. And ordinary steel structure is different, generally using the docking method, the calculation of connecting bolts, in most cases, do not use the average stress method, and the use of I-beam upper and lower flange of the characteristics of their respective forces were calculated. The thickness of the joint plate is calculated as follows: tp , where b - end plate width; f - design value of bending strength of end plate steel; Nt - the maximum tension of a bolt.

10, light steel structure support design. And ordinary steel structure design is not the same, light steel support for the flexibility of horizontal cross bar support, with special parts connected to the beam and column web, its layout in addition to the end of the second bay, but also every 60 meters (Or five open spaces)

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