Application of Steel Spraying Aluminum Spraying and Zinc Coating

Application of Steel Spraying Aluminum Spraying and Zinc CoatingApplication of Steel Spraying Aluminum Spraying and Zinc Coating

Has been widely used in coal mine, railway, water conservancy, port, metallurgy, machinery, radio and television, medical, electric power, fire and other fields, such as Baoshan Iron and Steel Group Majiashan port steel piles, Shanghai maglev train track function, Three Gorges Water Conservancy Project, Wuhan Junshan Yangtze River Bridge steel box girder and bridge deck and other key national construction projects and Chun'an Qiandan Hunan Pu Bridge, the Yangtze River Huangpu River Bridge, under the Creek Bridge, Guangzhou Airport Sanyuanliqiao, Xu even highway Pizhou Canal Bridge and other steel bridges are used arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology for corrosion protection, and achieved good anti-corrosion effect. China has been fully capable of using arc spraying long-term anti-corrosion technology to solve the national large-scale steel bridge corrosion protection.


Bridge steel structure of heavy anti-corrosion technology so far, gradually formed two major development trends, one is the rapid development of inorganic zinc-rich coating as the base of the heavy anti-corrosion system, the second is more mature to metal coating as a base heavy anti-corrosion system, These two systems because of the excellent anti-corrosion properties and environmental adaptability by various types of steel structure bridge corrosion concern. In the next few decades will save the country a lot of steel bridge anti-corrosion maintenance costs, reduce environmental pollution and extend the service life of steel bridge, resulting in huge economic and social benefits.

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