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Welded steel box beam and column

Brief description of box beam and column
Refers to the cross section forms for box beam and column. When the bridge span is larger, the structure of box beam is the best, its closed thin-walled section torsional stiffness is very big, for curved bridge and the bridge cantilever construction is beneficial. Roof and floor has a large area, which can effectively resist the positive and negative bending moment and meet the needs of the reinforcement, has the good dynamic characteristics and the small contraction deformation values.

Process requirements
A: Box column under the main body of the plate and groove processing
1. For box column and web plate with two sides straight cutting machine and vertical blanking, irregular with CNC cutting machine for cutting, but should pay attention to the first track inspection.
2. For box column and web plate put 30 ㎜ allowance its length, wing plate width on margin, web width to put 2 ㎜ allowance; In deepening the blanking of the diagram, the dimensioning according to the size of the net, but should do that in the drawings, size without any allowance in this paper, the material should be according to the technological requirements and allowance.
3. For the wing plate of box column and web plate butt weld, must pay attention to when making nesting to ensure that the web and flange butt weld more than 500 ㎜ stagger distance to meet.
4. When the box column body docking due plate length is not enough, the minimum length of the panel should be in above of 600 ㎜, the number of the same parts of the joint is not more than two.
5. According to box column body panels stick setting arc and lead plate, its length should be above 150 ㎜, width is more than 100 ㎜.
6. Box column, the main body of weld groove machining using semiautomatic flame cutting machine, the groove forms are as follows: (1). When the box type cylinder plate thickness T ㎜ 20 or less, the weld groove form as shown in the figure below:

(2). When the box type cylinder plate thickness of 20 ㎜ < T 30 ㎜ or less, the weld groove form as shown in the figure below:

(3). When the box type cylinder plate thickness T > 30 ㎜, its weld groove form as shown in the figure below:

(4). Groove processing finished, must be in and around 50 ㎜ range of the groove surface polishing, clear cut slag and scale of debris, and at the same time, to full penetration and partial penetration groove, at the transition should be polished out. 5 transition section, make it smooth.

B: Box column of H steel bracket (according to keep the number of H steel bracket)
1. Bracket materials prepared by the original section, drilling assembly welding, assembly workshop, change of H steel for H section steel compound, and then on the assembly line cutting, drilling, lock, etc.
2. According to the bracket method adjustment, deepening in the drawing of the bracket drawing you just draw the assembly drawing of bracket, but should indicate the length of the bracket, specifications and other natural requirement.
3. Deepen for H steel bracket should have separate drawings, this part drawing to issue H section steel, should be separated from the beamhouse issuing drawings.
4. Nesting of bracket, conducted by the director, plant division length nesting.

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