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Structure Fabrication For Mining Project

Product Details Key Specifications/Special Features: Structure fabrication: stainless steel sheet heavy metal fabrication for gas and oil industrial Description: Have a team, responsible for material incoming inspection

Structure steel fabrication for mining project:

The steel structure for this project is used in the main frame steel column and steel beam welded h-beam, quantity is big, our company USES the advanced professional welding h-beam production line for production. Artifacts blanking plate blanking using computer automatic cutting fast accurate, panel and web plate welding adopt gantry automatic submerged arc welding, to ensure the welding quality.

The installation of steel structure
Steel structure installation program must guarantee the stability of the structure and not lead to permanent deformation. After the steel structure, prefabricated component, for inspection before being installed. After the steel structure, prefabricated component, pile up when should consider the requirements of the installation program

Precast acceptance standard of structural steel component:
Ⅰ. Choose reasonable welding procedure, welding procedure qualification should comply with the national existing provisions "welding procedures for the design of building structures".
Ⅱ. Welders should pass the exam and obtained the certificate of approval rear can engage in the welding work.
Ⅲ. Steel structure welding using J422 electrode shall have quality certificate, the certificate or the reinspection do not required before use baking, baking temperature of 100 ~ 150 ℃, the temperature for 1 hour) and constant temperature in the heat preservation, shall not be used when welding electrode covering loss or welding core rust.
Ⅳ. Before welding, welding should review the position of weld and welding quality of welding seam, excessive defects such as cracks, if any, should be after finishing qualified rear can welding.
Ⅴ. Tee joint Angle joint, such as cross butt weld and weld Angle joint combinations, should be set on both ends of the weld arc plate, the material and should be the same as the welding groove form. Finished welding arc plate cutting removal should be adopted and grinding smooth, shall not be hammered down.
Ⅵ. When welding, welding shall not free welds shall comply with the welding process and on the parent metal outside the weld arc.
Ⅶ. Appropriate continuous fillet weld the corner weld around the corner. Ups and downs of arc distance weld end should be greater than 10.0 mm; Fillet weld end don't set the arc and straight seam ebb and flow of lead plate arc distance weld end should be greater than 10.0 mm, arc pit should be filled.
Ⅷ. Multi-layer welding should be continuous welding, bead welding after each layer should be clear in time check clear defect after welding.
Ⅸ. After welding, the welder should clean up the surface of the weld slag and splash on either side of the content, check the quality of weld appearance.
Ⅹ. Uniform wave welding, weld metal surface can not have cracks, slag inclusion, welding scar, burn through, arc pit and acicular blowhole defects, such as welding area must not have splash.
Ⅺ. Should be smooth transformed between weld metal and the parent metal.

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