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Steel Structure Warehouse, Metal Storage

Steel Structure Warehouse, Steel Structure Building, Steel Structure manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Steel Structure Warehouse, Metal Storage (SSW 15003), Light Structural Steel Warehouse Design (SSW-329), Light Steel Structure Warehouse (SS-51) and so on.

Components of the building:

Calculation rules, procedures and quotation need to pay attention to the problem:

1. Embedded parts,: general situation, to count the number of embedded parts, and calculate the corresponding number of embedded bolt, the blocks and the weight of the plate, which must pay attention to the quotation sheet to facilitate the compilation of when we write calculation process to indicate the length of the embedded bolt anchor bar, so that in some cases due to the actual requirements embedded parts by weight is convenient to calculate the weight and the corresponding market price.

2. Pillars: is commonly h-beam, C payments or with Angle steel connection, according to the conventional algorithm: calculate the length and weight and multiplying, at the same time attention should be paid to the node (beam-column connections, column feet node, had a crane steel plate, bolts of the bracket and other nodes).For beginners to active in combination with related atlas with designer or have experience in this field and colleagues communication, solve, to get knowledge to understand and calculate.

3.Steel parts, steel beam and steel column calculation method and points for attention, it should be pointed out that the length of the steel beam according to the actual situation to consider a certain slope, at the same time if the material of steel beam and steel column of variable cross-section h-beam, to take the average value to calculate the meters.

4. Purlin section:For Z steel to consider between purlin and purline lap length (general side for the 300 mm).This section should pay attention to several places of nodes (purlin and beam-column connection, the post and the ground connection), including purlin plate and the ordinary bolt, regardless of the node have to draw the corresponding drawings, we are willing to consider the existence of the node, and to be sure.

5.Support and brace parts: general materials are round steel, and calculate the actual length, according to the drawing normally also should pay attention to the corresponding node (connection plate and bolts).

6.Tile: generally choose single choi steel (plate type) or sandwich choi steel (rock wool, get together ammoniac fat), calculated according to square, take its projection area or an actual area, excluding roof daylighting, walls of Windows and doors hole area.It is need to pay special attention to rational consideration on board (roof cover plate, sealing cornice, pan of water boards, Angle plates, convergent plate brick walls and doors and Windows, etc.), for part of the node is not clear to take the initiative to solve or consult atlas, leakage of avoid by all means.

7. Doors and Windows, roof gutter and drain pipe parts: calculated according to the practical calculation rules, pay attention to the gutter involved in sporadic materials, part of drain pipe straight, straight Angle, the water bucket.

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