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Steel Residential House Construction

Multi-story steel structure residence system generally adopts the framework class architecture, also known as multilayer steel frame structure Multi-story residential metal buildings steel structure generally supported by column, beam, floor structure, system, wall and wall frame

The characteristics of steel Residential house

1, Steel construction housing construction is fast, short duration.

2, Steel structure residential, indoor pattern can be arbitrarily changed, not the original traditional structure of the restrictions.

3, Steel structure of residential building materials are renewable, can be recycled, Can be regarded as green, environmentally friendly health housing.

4, Steel structure, high strength, good plasticity, good toughness.

5, Steel structure manufacturing is simple, short construction period. The material used in the steel structure is simple and it is finished,Processing is relatively simple, and can use mechanical operation.

6, Steel structure residential, seismic capacity is relatively strong.

7, Steel structure than the reinforced concrete structure light.

8, Although the cost of steel structure is higher than the brick and other structural housing more than about 10% of the cost,But the steel structure of residential, construction fast, short duration, can reduce the cost.

9, Steel corrosion resistance and fire resistance is relatively lacking. Technical measures can be used to make up for deficiencies.

This is a construction process of the Multi-Story Residential Metal Buildings .
Foundation excavation, banding reinforcement, do reinforced concrete foundation

The reserved line

Assemble the steel structure frame

Fix the floor deck and steel rod net, cover with 10mm concrete 

Fixing the roof 

Fix the partition wall 

Building external decoration

The finished work:

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