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Steel H Beam Profile

For the steel h beam profile, we could process it totally in our factory as the h beam specifications,h beam standard sizes,h beam chart,h beam steel sizes,h beam specs,start from the Cutting of the steel plate, assembling, drilling, painting, we could also purchase the similar hot rolled...

Sort of Steel H Beam Profile:
Beams mainly divided into ordinary beams, light beams, low alloy light beams of three.
Ordinary beams, light beams flange is variable cross-section by web thickness, external thin; H-beam: HW HM HN HEA HEB HEM I beam flange is uniform, etc
Ordinary beams, light beams has formed the national standard, general 10 # I beam is equivalent to international I100 (such as 10 # steel channel channel steel U100) (because the execution of the standard is different, cause they have subtle differences from the specifications of the)
HW i-steel is mainly used for steel reinforced columns in the reinforced concrete frame structure column, also called strength steel column; Mainly used in steel structure for the column
Steel H Beam Profile, whether ordinary or light, because the section size are relatively high, narrow, the moment of inertia of reason of section two spindle difference is bigger, so it can only be applied directly to the bending in its web plane of the component or its lattice stress components. On axial compression member or perpendicular to the plane and curved web member all should not be used, which makes its on the application range is very limited.

Scope of application:

Ordinary beams, light beams, because the section size are relatively high, narrow, reason of section moment of inertia of the sleeve of the two main difference is bigger, which makes its on the application range is very limited. Beams should be used according to the design requirements of the drawings.

The size design:
Steel H Beam Profile belongs to efficient economic cutting surface type steel, and other cold bending thin-wall steel, pressed steel plate, etc.), due to the reasonable section shape, they can make the steel better function, improve the ability of bearing and cutting. Is different from ordinary beams is h-beam flange were widened, and the inner and outer surface usually is parallel, which can facilitate connection with high strength bolts and other components. Its size composition is reasonable, model complete, to facilitate design selection.
In the structure design of the beams should be selected based on its mechanical properties, chemical properties, weldable properties, structure size and choose reasonable i-steel use.

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