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Steel Garage Car Parking Shed

For steel garage car parking shed, large metal garage,metal car garage,metal car sheds,metal garage plans, prefab metal garage project, we should Adhere to the design technical clarificaiton system and design system, the blue prints.

Description of this steel garage car parking shed
This steel garage car parking shed is for parking car beside a big shopping mall, it can park almost 1000 cars, we also put some lifter insides to using the space enough, then we can parking more cars inside.
Project Content :
Warehouse: new warehouse with covered area of 3000m².
Structure Type: portal frame, one ridge
Length:100m width:30 m
Eave Height: 7m Roof Slope: 1:10
Gable Wall Column Spacing: 6.5 m
Roof system: 0.5mm thick steel galvanized board+75mm thick glass wool +steel net.
Wall system: 0.5mm thick steel galvanized board
Main Door: electric control rolling door

Item Specification
1 Main Pillar & Beams Q345B
2 Roof Purlins C200*70*20*2.5 Galvanize
3 Tie Bar Φ114*4
4 Pillar Supporters Φ20
5 Tie rod Φ12、Φ32*2.5
6 Kneebracing L50*4
7 Foundation bolt M24
8 General Bolts C Grade
9 Bolt screw Φ19
10 High Strengthened Bolts 10.9 Grade
11 Roof Panel 0.5mm Galvanized Steel Plate
12 Ribbon skylight 1.2mm FRP
13 Floor Steel deck 1.00 mm steel plate
14 Doors Sliding door
15 Windows Steel windows
16 Gutters 3mm thick galvanized steel
17 Edge and corner wrapping 0.5mm Galvanized Steel Plate
18 Fans
19 Crane beam Q235
20 Accessories
21 Down pipe Φ140PVC

Welding Material

Steel Grade Welding Methods Welding Material
Q235-B Manual electric welder Welding rod:E43 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and welding wire:
HJ401-H08 or HJ401-H08A
CO2 gas shielded arc welding Welding wire: H08Mn2Si
Q345-B Manual electric welder Welding rod: E50 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and wire: HJ402-H08A
CO2 gas shielded are welding Welding wire:H08Mn2Si

Main Design Standards
Portal Rigid Frame Light House Technical Specification for Steel Structure CECS102:2002
Steel Structure Design Specification GB50017-2003
Load Code for The Design of Building Structures GB50009-2012
Code of seismic Design of Buildings GB50011-2010
Technical Code of Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Structures GB50018-2002

Main Material Standards
Low allow high strength structural steel GB/T1591-2008
Carbon Structural Steel GB/T 700-2006

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