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Prefabricated Warehouse

Prefabricated House, Steel Structure House, Steel House manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Prefabricated Warehouse, Two-Storey Modular/Movable/Prefabricated/Prefab/Steel Structure House, Familiy Houses Fast Installment and Dismantle Panel House and so on.

1. Project Name:60x(50+50)x8 m warehouse
2. Project Site:(more details is needed) Venezuela
3. Quotation Company
This article is about quotation for prefabricated metal structure building material and related components, which are provided by Qingdao Eihe Steel Structure Co., Ltd(EHSS).
4. Design Reference Period: the design period for load is 50 years.
5. Buildings Safety Level: Level 2
6. Main Design Standards
Portal Rigid Frame Light House Technical Specification for Steel Structure CECS102:2002
Steel Structure Design Specification GB50017-2003
Load Code for The Design of Building Structures GB50009-2012
Code of seismic Design of Buildings GB50011-2010
Technical Code of Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Structures GB50018-2002
7. Main Material Standards
Low allow high strength structural steel GB/T1591-2008
Carbon Structural Steel GB/T 700-2006

8. Welding Material

Steel Grade Welding Methods Welding Material
Q235-B Manual electric welder Welding rod:E43 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and welding wire:
HJ401-H08 or HJ401-H08A
CO2 gas shielded arc welding Welding wire: H08Mn2Si
Q345-B Manual electric welder Welding rod: E50 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and wire: HJ402-H08A
CO2 gas shielded are welding Welding wire:H08Mn2Si

Remark: When two different steel materials welded,it should apply welding rod or flux which matches the lower strength steel.

9. Design Load

S. No Type Load
1 Dead Load 0.20KN/m2
2 Dust Load No
3 Handing Load No
4 Live Load(roof beam) 0.30KN/m2
5 Live Load(roof purlin) 0.50KN/m2
6 Basic Wind Pressure 1.09KN/m2
7 Basic Snow Pressure
8 Ground Roughness Class B
9 Seismic Fortification Intensity 6(0.05 g), C class,Site Class:III

10. Building State

Name warehouse
Structure Type portal frame, two ridge
Length 60m
Width 50m+50m
Eave Height 8m
Roof Slope 0.1
Gable Wall Column Spacing 5m
Roof 0.5mm thick 820 type galvanized steel panel
Wall 0.5mm thick 820 type galvanized steel panel
Door two sliding door
Ladder no
Height difference between indoor and outdoor 300mm

11. Main points of structure proposal
1) The project is portal frame structure, high strength bolts will be used to connect columns and beams.
2) Supporting type:roof supporting is round steel, column supporting is structural steel.
3) Brick wall self load-bearing.
4) Steel structure design is completed by EHSS itself.

Chapter 2: Quotation information

No. Item Specification Unit Remarks
A Steel Frame
1 Steel beam and column Welded H steel 6~14,-20 T Q345B,twice primer and finish paint
2 Roof purlin C160x60x20x2.5 T Q345B,galvanized
3 Wall purlin C160x60x20x2.5 T Q345B,galvanized
4 Bracing Φ12 round bar T Q235B,galvanized
5 Casing pipe Φ32x2.5 T Q235B,galvanized
6 Knee bracing L50x4 T Q235B,galvanized
7 Column bracing Φ20 T Q235,twice primer and finish paint
8 Horizontal bracing Φ20 T Q235,twice primer and finish paint
9 Tie bar Φ89x2.5 T Q235,twice primer and finish paint
B Fasteners
1 Anchor bolt M24 Set Q235A
2 High strength bolt M20 Set 10.9S
3 Turnbuckle M25 Set 4.8S,Galvanized
4 common bolt M12 Set 4.8S,galvanized
5 Nut M20 Set 4.8S,galvanized
6 Nut M12 set 4.8S,galvanized
C Roof system
1 Roof panel 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet
2 Roof panel V760 panel skylight
3 Ridge tile m 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet
4 Gable edge cover m 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet
5 Gutter 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet  m
6 Gutter 2mm thick color galvanized
7 Down pipe 110PVC m PVC 
8 Ventilator
9 Roof accessories Self-tapping screw,rivet,seal gum
D Wall system
1 Wall panel 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet V820 0.5mm thick color galvanized steel sheet
2 Corner cover
3 Edge cover m
4 Door cover
5 Sliding door 4x4m
6 Wall accessories Self-tapping screw,rivet,seal gum

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