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Prefabricated truss roof steel structure warehouse

Product Description
Sliding pendulum isolators basically consist of one or two main spherical sliding surfaces and one articulation allowing relative rotation ,Resistance to heat is an essential requirement for the use in energy dissipation devices like the Sliding Pendulum Isolators because the heat generated by the energy dissipation can raise the temperature over 100℃.Eihe Steel Structure have high quality and high-end sliding pendulum seismic isolator for sale.

Product Details
1. Main sliding surface shall provide displacement capability and energy dissipation through friction.
2. Friction value shall be in accordance with the design requirements.
3. Secondary sliding surface shall provide relative rotation capability between the lower and the upper part of the isolator.
4. Sliding material of the secondary sliding surface shall have as low as possible friction coefficient.
5. Normally it is dimpled lubricated and may be PTFE according to EN 1337.2 or other.

Main Export Markets:
Central/South America
Eastern Europe
Mid East/Africa
North America
Western Europe

Payment Details:
Payment Method:L/C T/T

Minimum Order:1000 sqm

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