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Prefab steel structure residential building

Features and services 1.firm structures and cladding Light steel structure use efficient light thin wall material (corrugated sheet or sandwich panels). Owing light weight ,high strength and small occupied area etc features.

Product Description

Prefab steel structure residential building refers to steel as a building to bearing beam of residential construction, it has lots of advantages ,such as Light weight, high strength,Safety and reliability.

Product Features

1. Steel can be recycled, less pollution to the environment construction and demolition.

2. Safety and reliability, seismic and wind resistance performance is good.

3. Steel structure parts in the factory, reduce the workload, shorten the construction period, confirm to the requirements for industrialization. 

4. Steel structure factory production quality is reliable, precise size, easy to install, easy to cooperate with related department.

5. Light weight, high strength, constructed of steel structure residence weight is about half of the reinforced concrete residential; Meet the needs of the houses are expounded and the net area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete house.

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