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Portable Steel Construction Modern Office Buildings

Most of the steel structure building such as steel construction office buildings,modern commercial office building, portable office buildings,building office bearing rely on is the steel skeleton, steel structure assembly is convenient, and can be recycled

This Portable steel construction Modern office building is total three floors, the eave height is 11 meters, we design the front side with glass curtain wall, this whole building is adopt the portable style, with steel H columns, beams, the grade of the steel will be Q345B, Q235B.

The roof style: flat roof with concrete 15cm.
The wall system: All will be brick wall with aluminium-plastic panel.
We also supply all the decoration materials inside.

Description of the building :
This project is to set up a portable steel construction modern office. The project include: construct a light steel structure three stories-hotel building with the glass curtain wall including all materials of interior decoration supply.

Project Content & Scale:
Office building:50*20m*11m office building including arrangement of interior decoration, etc.

The construction materials List

Item Specification
1 Main Pillar & Beams Q235
2 Purlins C180*70*20*2.5 Q235
3 Tie Bar Φ114*4.0
4 Pillar Supporters Φ20
5 Tie rod Φ10、Φ32*2.5
6 Kneebracing L70*5
7 Foundation bolt M24
8 General Bolts C Grade
9 High Strengthened Bolts 10.9S M20
10 Eaves Gutter 3mm Steel Plate
11 Roof Panel 1 mm steel deck+concrete
12 Wall Panel 30mm sandwich board+75mm Glass wool+10mm Gypsum panel
13 Rain Canopy
14 Edge and corner wrapping 0.5mm Galvanized Steel Plate
15 Accessories
16 Plastic steel Window Size 3x2m
17 Electricity& Water supply For office area
18 Aluminum Composite Panel 1.2x2.4 Silver Color
19 Glass Wall Including the glass frame, bolts and sealant
20 Glass Partition Aluminum Frame with Double Layer Glass
21 Flooring Tile Polished tile
22 Toilet close stool
23 Basin
24 Shower
25 Water Supply and Drainage
26 Ceiling System Mineral wool board with ceiling Grid
27 Steel stair
28 Floor deck 1.00mm Galvanized Steel Plate
29 Glass door 12 mm thick toughened glass door
30 Aluminum alloy glass casement door
31 Skirting line

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