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Mobile Modern Prefab Steel Structure Folding Car Garage

Mobile Steel Car Shed, Steel Structure Car Garage, New-Style Car Garage manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Mobile Modern Car Garage Prefab Steel Structure Folding Car Garage, Structural Steel Warehouse/Pre Engineered Building, Steel Structure Coal Workshop Construction (KXD-SSW1036) and so on.

Steel structure components fabrication for the steel structure car garage:

General requirements of welding:
1. The welding of steel structure, should meet the requirements of the specification and design drawings;

2. Should be kept for welding materials, recipients, drying and storage system, so that the main weld welding material tracking;

3. Welders engaged in the work of the various engineering steel structure welding, should according to the requirements of the specification, after having passed the examination within the prescribed period, before being qualified with the corresponding welding work of the project.

4. Welding materials management and use in accordance with relevant requirements, including welding, flux drying heat preservation, etc.

5. For the first time used in steel structure steel, welding material, welding method, welding procedure qualification shall be carried out, the evaluation result should comply with the specification requirements; Before processing unit with the same material, welding method and have a formal procedure qualification report, approved by the supervision shall be admitted;

6.The use of the deposited metal welding material yield strength, ultimate strength, elongation, impact toughness and should match the parent metal, is not lower than the parent metal of various mechanical properties;

Processing preparation:
(1) The reinspection of steel in accordance with the provisions of purchasing materials and records of furnace batch number of each batch of steel plate and steel plate specification number, ready for the test, the reinspection, unqualified materials shall not be used for this project
(2) Steel structure lofting, marking, cutting, straightening, molding, such as edge process meet the specification requirements
(3) The steel structure of the overall layout, parts size is determined, and increase the corresponding allowance is according to the size lofting process model, used for production acceptance
(4) Steel plate cutting, using the method of numerical control, automatic cutting, cutting surface conform to the requirement of specification
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