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Metal Storage Office Space Buildings Structure

Within the metal storage office space buildings structure workers often referred to as the office room, as a unit into a certain number of buildings called the office building.Office buildings in general can be divided into administrative offices, professional office building

For this metal storage office space buildings structure, there are two parts: one part in front will be a office building, the behind will be a warehouse storage.
This whole structure will be portal door style, in the front of the office building, we will fix the glass curtain wall with the advertisement board.
For the steel office floor, we will use 1 mm steel deck with 10cm concrete.
Blow is some information of this building for your reference:

Structure Materials.

Item Specification Unit
1 Steel frame Q235B T
2 Steel column Q235B T
3 Tie Bar φ89*3.0 T
4 Beam supporter M20 T
5 Wall purlin C160*60*20*2.5 galvanization T
6 Roof purlin C160*60*20*2.5 galvanization T
7 Tie rod M12 galvanization T
8 Brace rod φ32*2.5 T
9 Knee bracing ∠50*50 T
10 Roof sheet HV840 0.5mm steel board plate m2
11 Wall sheet Toilet Partition wall 4mm sliver gray aluminum composite panel m2
4mm orange red aluminum composite panel m2
12 Gutter Stainless steel m
13 Downpipe 110PVC m
14 Door Electric roller shutter door m2
15 curtain m2
16 Foundation bolts M24 set
17 General Bolts C Grade set
18 High Strengthened Bolts 10.9 s M20 set
19 Screw and glue accessories m2
20 Anti rot material m2
2.1-1 Materials for inner decoration

Item Specification Unit Quantity
1 Glasses wall m2 3.75
2 Stainless steel door pocket m 6.5
3 Mineral wool board m2 66
4 Celling wrapping m 54.4
5 Tile m2 441
6 Skirting line m 215
7 Gypsum board m 10
8 Iron wooden door set 2
Electric equipment
1 Workshop Light
2 Office light
3 Electric cable 2.5BV
4 Cable pipe
5 Switch box
6 Switch
7 Plug seat
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