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Light Weight Steel Construction

Product Description:

The light weight steel construction got the extensive application in our country in recent years, but part of engineering during design neglected the roof flexibility degree, the details of the structure node etc. to influence roof water tightness. When the steel raw materials arrived our plant, we do the self-test for the material quality & plate thickness

Cutting the light weight steel construction:

1. Carried out plate cutting on special platform.

2. Derust and cleaned the oil fouling on steel surface before cutting.

3. Adopt CG1 100 semi automatic cutting machine after steel flange plate and web plate setting out to avoid the steel plate edge not straight, the lack of side angle broken phenomenon; rib and rigid support connecting plate with scissors to shear; cutting or sanding machine manual cutting.

Making holes on light weight steel construction:

1. The connecting part of the steel member and the connecting piece is connected with a high strength bolt.

2. Aperture location, size, high accuracy requirements using drill hole.

3. Fix the hole drilling fixture, so as to prevent the drill string or the laminated plate.

4. Remove the burr beside the hole completely, and shall not damage the parent material.

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