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Light Steel Structure Frame Factory Workshop Construction

light steel structure frame factory workshop construction,steel construction work need more patient to attention the every detials of the welding, putiing the every column vertical with the flat, and also pay attention to fixing the ventilators

Guarantee conditions of the internal quality inspection:
Internal quality inspection of metal materials is based on, according to the material to meet the requirements of different guarantee conditions are different, in the factory inspection and acceptance must according to guarantee conditions, and meets the requirements, guarantee conditions;
1.Basic guarantee conditions: minimum requirements for material quality, whether or not, have to guarantee, such as chemical composition, the basic mechanical properties, etc.
2. Additional guarantee conditions: according to the request of the buyer in the order indicated in the contract, to make the inspection, and ensure the test results conform to the provisions of the project.
3. Agreement guarantee conditions: supply and demand both sides negotiate and in order to ensure the project in the contract.
4. Parameter change conditions: both sides talks things over to inspection items, but the conditions are for reference only, not for review.

Metal material internal quality inspection mainly includes mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties, process performance inspection, chemical composition and internal organization. Mechanical properties, process performance, the first part is introduction, here only to the chemical composition and the principle of inspection methods and simple process of internal organization do overview.

Asks and answers:
1. Rim pull: using the method of pull and close while the edge of the sheet metal processing into curve bending workpiece.
2. Edge: to increase the rigidity and intensity on the edge of the workpiece will curl at the edges of workpiece edge.
3. Bite seam: the edge of the two pieces of sheet metal or turn on both sides of a sheet metal folding bit merge each other pressure, called a bit seam.
4. Thickness processing: to eliminate the thickness effect on the shape and size of expansion plan, and adopt the method.
5. The calculating bending parts on general steps are as follows: the length of the bending parts can be divided into straight and arc; Calculate the length of the paragraphs; Calculates the length of the additive.
6. Under what conditions the application of steel notch blanking?
A: Angle steel, channel steel, i-steel bending Angle.
7. The whole process of blanking points: elastic deformation stage; Plastic deformation stage; Stage of shear crack.
8. Blanking: using blunt template will be part of the sheet metal part with another along a closed line separate stamping process.
9. Bolt connection: there are two: plant under axial tensile loading connection; Under transverse effect.
10. The locking bolt connection measures are: increasing friction; Mechanical locking.
11. The mechanical locking are: split pin; Check out the gasket; Check washer; Series wire.
12. The welding arc: in the gas medium between the two electrodes and permanent phenomenon of electricity discharge is strongly.
13. The welding arc by: cathode area; The anode zone and the arc column.
14. The electrode which three directions of movement are there?
Answer: move to the direction of the molten pool; Along the weld direction; Make lateral swing.
15. According to their space position, the weld can be divided into: flat, vertical, horizontal, overhead welding.
16. What is the feature?
A: both the two form on the surface of the public line is line;In the space is always closed.
17. Interfingering lines: by two or more than two of the intersection of the geometry of components.
18. The influencing factors on the quality of the blanking is: mold clearance; The center line of the intensive not overlap; The blade wear dull mould work.
19. The general principles of the mold design is: under the premise to ensure the quality of stamping to the design of the mould, simple easy to manufacture, process, lower cost, easy to use.
20. The purpose of calculating rolling force: is to correctly select rolling equipment.
21. Free bending: when the bending punch, blank and die at the end of the match after impact won't happen again.
22. The calibration curve: refers to the punch, blank and die, there was another shock after the agreement, correction of bending parts.
23. What are prone to suppress head defect?
A: wrinkling and package; Straight pull mark pit; The surface micro cracks; The longitudinal tear; Deflection; Elliptic; Diameter size.
24. Expanding: using the tube and tube sheet deformation for sealing and fastening connection way.
25. The purpose of the blanking force calculation is: in order to select equipment capacity and reasonable design mold.
26. With what method can reduce the cutting force?
A: inclined blade die;Ladder die; Heat the punching die.
27. The purpose of the bending force is calculated by: in order to choose the bending press and die design.
28. The tensile deformation degree including what content?
A: stick mold level; Material shape allows the degree of deformation.
29. How to determine the workpiece form number?
Answer: basis, the maximum deformation of work piece and the material elongation.
30. How do you determine the shape coefficient?
A: depends on the performance of the material, shape Angle, friction coefficient and whether precast form.

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