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Light Steel Portal Frame Storage Workshop Building

light steel portal frame storage workshop building, the steel portal frame storage can be used as workshop and also can be use as the warehouse to store the materials ,manchines ,equipments. storage steel buildings,steel frame storage buildings,steel frame workshop.

FAQ for steel buildings:

1. The welding machine mainly include: dc welding machine and welding machine communication.

2. The local deformation: refers to a certain part of the occurrence of deformation, including angular distortion, wave deformation, partial uneven.

3. According to their space position, the welding points: flat, vertical, horizontal, overhead welding.

4. During the welding process, welding rod which three directions of movement are there?
A: there are to the molten pool direction, along the welding direction, horizontal swing.

5. The assembly of three elements: orientation, support and clamping.

6. Manual clamp has: screw clamp, wedge clamp, leverage, eccentric fixture.

7. The manual clamp has: pneumatic clamp, hydraulic clamp, magnetic force.

8. Screw clamp has: clamp, pressure, roof, support, etc.

9. The assembly is commonly used in measuring project are: linear dimension, parallelism and perpendicularity, alignment, point of view.

10. The artifacts in the assembly of the supporting form is: assembly jig supporting assembly platform.

11. The assembly jig according to its function can be divided into: general and special tyres aircraft tire.

12. The assembly is commonly used in locating methods are: the orientation of line, model, positioning components.

13. For the basic method of plane intersecting line are: surface method and the method of ridge edges.

14. The hot riveting generally consists of four of their division of labor is what?
Answer: one heating, transfer, one nail nail, nail to the top of a person, a person riveting.

15. The flat end what is the role of taper shank drill?
A: used to increase the torque transfer, avoid drill in the spindle hole or drill sets in.

16. A bit of the guiding parts have what effect?
A: it's on the cutting process can keep straight bit drilling direction.At the same time with repair of the hole wall and the light or backup part of cutting part.

17. What occurs in the hole is drilled through bad phenomenon?
Answer: when just drill bit wear workpiece suddenly decreases, and the axial resistance due to drill into the mechanical gap and elastic deformation of sudden, will make the drill bit to big feeding automatically, so that drilling bit broken or lower quality.

18. When the drilling cutting fluid has what function?
A: reduce friction, reduce drag bit and the cutting temperature, improve the cutting ability of drill and surface quality of hole wall.

19. Cutting dosage: is the floorboard of the cutting speed feed and cutting depth.

20. Grinding: is to use the grinding wheel on the workpiece surface processing methods.

21. A: will the surface of the metal structure or local according to its actual size in turn out in a process called plane.

22. Draw a diagram of the method are: parallel method, triangle method, radiation method.

23. The method of parallel development condition is: plain wire on the surface of the component parallel to each other, and reflect the real long on the plane.

24. Thickness processing including: to determine the bending neutral layer and eliminate thickness interference.

25. The thickness change the position of neutral layer with: plate bending radius and the thickness of sheet metal.

26. Nozzle-vessel junction piece thickness to deal with the general principle is: a length of the neutral layer component size shall prevail, a curve in the figure height will be subject to the height of the component contact point.

27. The main content of the loft is: thickness processing, drawing and according to the component of drawing have been marking template.

28. The riveter is commonly used shearing equipment has: longmen shearing machine, bevel shearing machine, disc shearing machine, stamping shearing machine combined punching and shearing machine.

29. The number of roller machine according to the shaft and decorate a form can be divided into: symmetric and asymmetric 3-roller three roller, four high three.

30. Blanking die according to the structure can be divided into: simple mode, belt guide pillar die, compound die.

31. Blanking die according to the structure can be divided into: simple mode, belt guide pillar die, compound die.

32. The compound die structure features are: have a both ups and downs of material punch, punch die and the function of intensive.

33. The blanking force: refers to the blanking material to mold the greatest resistance

34. The blanking deformation of sheet metal separation process can be divided into: when the elastic deformation stage, stage of plastic deformation and shear crack.

35. The minimum bending radius: destruction does not occur in the material cases, can the minimum bending radius.

36. Reduce the bending springback of commonly used methods are: fixed mold method and pressure correction method.

37. When drawing circle with purpose is: to prevent the edges of the tensile corrugate.

38. The crank connecting rod mechanism of crank press has what function?
Answer: it can not only make the rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion, as well as the force amplification effect.

39. The plater manual molding includes: bending, arch bend, flange, seam edge, biting and rectified.

40. The exhibition form template can be used for: marking, manufacturing mould and manufacturing milling model.

41. Put the edge: make the deformation in the process of forming part of the edge material stretching edge thinning operation called. Forming method is thin and thin.

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