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Large-Span Steel Structure Warehouse

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Description of Large-Span Steel Structure Warehouse

Industrial workshop of large span standard specification for design of steel structure GB50017-2003 article 8.6.1 "large span roof structure refers to the span is equal to or greater than 60 m roof structure.
Transverse span of 60 meters (steel structure), more than 18 m (frame) space of all kinds of structure forms of buildings. Large span structure used in the civil building in theaters, gymnasium, exhibition hall, hall, airport lounge and other large public buildings, industrial buildings of large span factory building, aircraft assembly workshop and large warehouse, etc. Large-span spatial structure is a three-dimensional space form, and with the three dimensional stress characteristics under load structure, reasonable stress, light weight, low cost, and the characteristics of structure forms, developing rapidly become the structure type, considered it is a country building one of the important symbols of the levels of science and technology.

The structure selection and design:

Warehouse steel column design
1. The steel column section in the form of design
warehouse on column due to less stress, choose to make processing of symmetry welded i-section solid web column. Double crane across the middle column, except to withstand column load on to bear the load of the upper hoist, adopting solid-web section, will tend to support the upper shoulder crane beam flange instead of i-section steel column.
Two across central for double crane, therefore the column sectional form to choose lattice type. Steel column is mainly composed of the section size of column strength calculation stress ratio control. Through calculation comparison, the lattice solutions than solid-web steel weight of the column section to save 10%.Lattice next column for various pipeline layout and laid, so the next column selects the lattice type section.

2. Warehouse lateral design considering the effects of temperature stress and temperature deformation of transverse section temperature, part of the roof with deformation cracks can be divided into two independent units, is the function of plant lateral is decomposed into two independent workshop transverse temperature range. In the middle of the transverse part, USES the double column type lattice column on the way. Double column type lattice column under column on the shoulder of the crane is in the upper beam under the lattice column together into a whole, and the traditional practice of double row lattice column scheme, compared to diminish the impact of temperature stress and deformation under the same conditions, can effectively reduce the lattice column in the central workshop covers an area of space, improve the effective area of internal plant utilization rate, increase plant overall lateral stiffness, and reduce the main structure of the steel warehouse.

3. The workshop longitudinal design
A. Between pillars support design
Warehouse between pillars support arrangement in meet the requirement in production process and production of the plant is clear, due consideration for the factory building structure temperature deformation and the influence of additional stress. This warehouse support between upper and lower column adopts double support form, each choose channel section, double support the connection between the tie bar with equal Angle section. Column support choose type portal support on an empty stomach, under the column support choose eight, herringbone or cross support.
B. The temperature stress calculation
This warehouse design without expansion joint, the use of a single temperature section, longitudinal uniform set 3 column under the support of the longitudinal layout scheme, by enhancing the column support, longitudinal tie between longitudinal stiffness, such as resistance to plant the longitudinal temperature stress, and temperature stress calculation, the results meet the requirements of strength and stiffness.

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