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Large Span Steel Structural Warehouse

large-span light steel structure warehouse , if the span exceed 30 m , we need to design some coloumn inside , considering the saving the cost and safe . So we suggest the clients , put the warehouse's span within 30m.

steel beam design: rectangular section beam is the most common bending member which often used in the design, but the material utilization is very low. First, the material stress is low as it close to the neutral axis; second, the bending moment of along the beam length is changed. Because of the low stress in most sections of the cross section beam, the material can not be used very well. the material utilization ratio just can be improved when the axial force is applied. Therefore, the design of the plane truss can be used to replace the rectangular section beam, the plane truss is equivalent of the emptying beam, pull out the needless material of beam, it would be economy, and light weight. It can also be developed into space truss structure, the materialutilization can be greatly improved.

Construction stage
1. Supply you with detailed construction drawings for guiding
2. Dispatch at least one engineer to your area for direction
3.provide related production for your reference
After-sale service
1. Reasonable advices for usage, maintenance, technically improving
2. Professional engineers are in charge of your projects

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