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Large Span Steel Space Frame Workshop

Large-span light steel structure design and production installation, large-span light steel structure plant, large-span light steel frame design 30 m span is generally considered the light steel structure of the limit of the door frame span.

For large span steel space frame workshop, Ehss try to reduce some inside steel columns , and design the beam with variable cross-section. This design make sure there is a biggest space inside the workshop to help the clients have enough space to fix some big machines.
Below is an example what we done for FAW

This steel warehouse located in the beautiful City :QINGDAO ,CHINA . The workshop is for FAW to assemble the tires and driving cab , So it need at least a space height 8 meters , in order to the gantry crane can operation well. EHSS de sign the workshop with two large span , one span is 50 meters width.So total is 100 width . Ehss design the two span connect with one line of the common columns together.

Design or drawing:

This drawing is for roof plan, we will set the columns distance for 6.25 m on the wide side , 6 and 6.5 meters on the length side .Two span , four slopes, the slope will be 1:10. The roof will be covered with 0.5mm thick V820 galvanized steel panel , The gutter will be 2mm thick steel panel in the middle of the roof.

The production line :
We have three H-Section steel production lines, equipped the flame cutting machine, H-Section steel assembly machine, gantry welding machine and shot-blasting machine, paint spray booth. We also put apart the space for the fabrication of heavy-duty and large structure steel components in our workshop.
So , for this workshop , we take about one month to finish the whole structures manufacture to guarantee the project done timely.

Construction details :
Period : two month
Ehss have a professional engineering department and construction team, to guarantee the assembly timely.

The work for the assembly:
In the first week : we moved all the columns&beams on the position ,connect the steel beams with bolts.
Second week: we pick up all the beams&columns, and welding the joints .
Third week : we fix the wall purlins&roof purlins
Fourth week : we fix the wall panels&roof panels
Fifth week : fixing the canopy doors ,electricity.
Sixth week : we repainted some scars.

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