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Large span steel frame structure warehouse

Key Specifications/Special Features: Features: HP: 1/3HP-3HP Pole: 2 and 4P Capacitor run Frame: 56 and 140T Rolled steel, C face kit NEMA design: N Service factor:1.15 Insulation class: F (UL approved) Enclosure: ODP IP Class: IP23 CSA and CUS certified Usages: air over duty

Welding for the steel structure components:
Welding is mainly responsible for the finished product processing parts and finished products of welding work.
(1) Check "before the welding equipment and a variety of machines, completes the preparation before welding.
(2) Be familiar with drawings and processing plan, according to the drawings and specified parameters.
(3) The welding operation must have the corresponding welder certificate, no construction welding without a license.
(4) The right recipients and keep all kinds of welding materials, correct use of welding equipment and instrument.
(5) Component is handover procedures before the welding, did not deal with transfer or assembly quality ultra poor, welding welder can be refused.
(6) The need for arc, arc should be carried out on them. Remove lead, extinguish welding the welding, and splash, hole, arc pit, bite meat, flash and other defects to clear thoroughly, specific to supervise and inspect the inspector.
(7) According to the requirements of design and technology of welding inspection. Through inspection unqualified shall promptly repair, the second time in the same parts of repair, the company will repair scheme to the chief engineer approval to implementation, the inspector is responsible for the supervision and execution.
(8) Welder must put their code seal of individual products.

Steel structure welding methods:
A. Electrode arc welding
Welding rod arc welding defect is low efficiency, labor intensity is big, the welder should have good operation skills.
B. Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding (.coz)
CO: (1) the characteristics of the gas shielded welding and welding requirements.
(2) the composition of semi-automatic gas shielded welding welding machine.Semi-automatic C0, gas shielded welding welding machine generally by arc welding power supply, into the wire, welding wire, gas and other parts.
C. Submerged arc welding
Submerged arc welding since the secret mineralization degree is divided into automatic submerged arc welding and submerged arc semi-automatic welding, the difference lies in the submerged arc automatic welding arc movement is controlled by the specialized agencies, and buried solitary semi-automatic welding chariot moving arc is done rely on manual.
More than monofilament machine, submerged arc welding machine and wire welding mach
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