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Hot Rolled Steel H Section Beam

Hot Rolled Steel H Section Beam has stable strength, as it is made as a integrated components, the size or specification under different Standard system is also different, such as the ASTM,ASNZ, we could select the similar specifications as replacement. Hot Rolled Steel H Section Beam Welded...

Welding process:
H-beam flange are such as thickness, rolling section, there are also composed of 3 boards welding section. Ordinary beams are rolling section, due to poor production process, flange inside edge "slope. H-beam rolling is different from ordinary beams using only a set of horizontal roll, due to its wide flange and no slope or Angle is small, we must add a set of vertical roll to roll at the same time, as a result, the rolling technology and equipment are more complicated than the ordinary rolling mill. Can produce the biggest domestic rolling h-beam height is 800 mm, more than can be combined welding section.
Narrow the h-beam flange beam or hydraulic components, and wide flange h-beam and h section steel pile is suitable for axial compression member or hydraulic components. Ordinary beams, light beams compared with HW, HN sections, such as weight, w, x, iy like h-beam.
Mark record:
Common beams and light beams of the wing root to the edge thinning, has a certain Angle, ordinary beams and light beams on the number of models is to use its high waist centimeters of Arabic numerals, web plate, the thickness of the flange and flange width different specifications to waist high (h) * waist thick legs wide (b) (d) said the number of blessings, such as "sewing worker 160 x 88 x 6", it indicates that the waist high is 160 mm, width is 88 millimeter, the leg with a thickness of 6 mm ordinary beams./ "light industry 160 x 81 x 5", it indicates that the waist high is 160 mm, the leg width is 81 millimeter, waist is 5 mm thick light beams. Ordinary i-steel specifications can also be used model, said model said waist high on the number of centimeters, such as sewing worker # 16.High waist the same beams, such as there are several different thick legs and waist, need to add a b c shall be the difference between, on the right side model such as sewing worker # 32 # 32 # a, b, c, etc. Hot rolled beams of average of 10-63 #.The supply and demand both sides agreement to supply hot rolled i-steel average to # 12-55.
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