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Hot Rolled Steel Column

Processing technic of Hot Rolled Steel column - heated up red-hot and pushed through rollers that squeeze the metal, literally squishing it into a particular profile, depending on the shape of the rollers. The process takes a long time, and because the steel is so hot for so long in the open air of the steel mill, the surface of the metal has has a long time to oxidize, producing a thick, tough oxide scale with the characteristic blue grey finish of the final product.
Hot Rolled Steel column
Production capacity:
Main steel : 50,000mts per annum;
Secondary steel : 18,000mts per annum;
Profiling steel sheet 450,000 sqm per annum.

Advantages of us
1. Top qualification authorized by nation
"Class-A qualification for steel structure engineering general contracting ",
"Class-A qualification for steel structure fabrication"
"Class-A architectural designing qualification for Professional steel engineering and construction”
2. One stop service
We could offer you one stop service from the designing ,BIM processes, detailing of your drawing, fabrication , transportation to installation or erection.
3. Quality assurance
It also includes the security of structure designing. For the steel components, the quality assurance starts when the raw material entering our workshop. Our inspection team will be in charge of this job until the shipment of qualified steel components.
4. Attractive design
It reflects in the design of structure and layout, material, related accessory
5.Easy to assemble and maintenance
It is connected by bolts and screw ,it could also be rebuilt
6. Durable
The steel frame parts are all processed with anti-corrosion coating or galvanized , and can be used for as long as 50 years
7. Extensive experience
We have more than 10 years’ exporting experience, we could carry out your order as your requirement, such as Australian Standard - AS 4100 , acceptable equivalent (ASME :IX, AWS D1.1 etc).

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