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High-Rise Heavy Steel Industrial Workshop Building

high-rise heavy steel industrial workshop building,For the high- rise hevay steel industrial workshop building , we need to design the column more big and the beam will big too

Project information:
High-rise heavy steel industrial workshop building, For the high- rise heavy steel industrial workshop building, we need to design the column more big and the beam will big too , because the loading is bigger as the high-rise of the building for the industrial workshop.

1. Process a wide span, with either a single or multiple spans and can have a maximum span clearance distance in 50m without middle columns.
2. Low cost with unit price ranging from USD30 to USD100 per square meter FOB according to customer's requirements.
3. Easy to install.
4. Has a service life of more than 50 years
5. The warehouses are also environmentally friendly, have a stable structure, are earthquake resistance, water proof, and energy saving
Product application:
Widely used as industry factory building, warehouse, gymnasium, poultry shed, school and medical clinic, garage, hangar, etc.

Using the matched material for the task is vital, and this choice is now influenced by economic and environmental pressures that were not as important several years ago. Save the tree and our earth, please choose light gauge steel framed house. Our technical support are ready to help you chose the correct grade of steel for each application, which can result in the most cost effective solutions for today's architecture, building and construction requirements.

This building in the pictures were designed, constructed and installed by EHSS who are professional and practical in designing, processing and installing. You may give us your own drawings to enable us construct as per your request or you might just give us your ideas, we can design the project based on your ideas. Welcome to contact us for anything you needed.
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