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Heavy Truss Workshop Steel Structural

DETERMINATION OF STEEL TRUSS FORM. Cangding steel structure commonly used in the form: door frame, steel frame, steel truss. Portal frame is a combination of beam and column elements.

Heavy truss workshop steel structural:

Steel structure commonly used in the form: door frame, steel frame, steel truss. Portal frame is a combination of beam and column elements. Long for the warehouse or crane tonnage plant structure of the smaller class. For the vertical and horizontal load to the larger corridor is not suitable. The steel frame is the most widely used main structure system in the multi-storey steel structure building, which is formed by the steel beam and the steel column through the appropriate method. Flexible layout of the building, to meet the construction of large span, large space requirements, can adapt to a variety of functional requirements. But for this project, due to the corridor span of 36 meters, the role of each corridor vertical load of 450 tons of equipment, the role of equipment, horizontal load 110 tons, the use of steel frame structure is clearly not the most economical and reasonable program. Steel truss structure is mainly composed of the axial force components (rod and bar) lattice-type bending components / structure, should be widely transported with a variety of large-span, high-rise engineering structures. Compared with solid bended members (such as steel frame structure), the use of steel truss can save steel and easy construction, structure, the greater the span or height, the more obvious advantages. The steel truss is the most reasonable structural form in terms of practical features of the project.

1. Low cost
2. Good-looking, diversified color options, fashionable and unique
3.High-strength, windproof and reliable load-bearing steel structures
4. Better anticorrosion and dustproof
5. Highly recyclable and creates minimal raw material waste.

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