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Commercial Steel Godown Construction

commercial steel godown construction is the same as steel warehouse , This work most used in the east africa , people in there usually call the steel commercial warehouse as the steel godown house.godown construction designs.

This commercial steel godown warehouse is built for a market for shopping , total is three floors , the ground floor is for fruit& vegetable products , the first and second floor is for cloths , electric products ,daily living products.

The size of this building : 80x40 x 9 m

Design Reference Period: the design period for load is 50 years.

Buildings Safety Level: Level 2

Main Design Standards
Portal Rigid Frame Light House Technical Specification for Steel Structure CECS102:2002
Steel Structure Design Specification GB50017-2003
Load Code for The Design of Building Structures GB50009-2012
Code of seismic Design of Buildings GB50011-2010
Technical Code of Cold-Formed Thin-Wall Steel Structures GB50018-2002

Main Material Standards
Low allow high strength structural steel GB/T1591-2008
Carbon Structural Steel GB/T 700-2006

Welding Material

Steel Grade Welding Methods Welding Material
Q235-B Manual electric welder Welding rod:E43 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and welding wire:HJ401-H08 or HJ401-H08A
CO2 gas shielded arc welding Welding wire: H08Mn2Si
Q345-B Manual electric welder Welding rod: E50 series
Submerged arc welder Welding flux and wire: HJ402-H08A
CO2 gas shielded are welding Welding wire:H08Mn2Si

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