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Bending process for arc shaped steel beam

General principles
1. The bending section changes in bending deformation area, the smaller the bending radius and the ratio of the plate after, cross section shape change
2. Bending parts bending line perpendicular to grain direction, best hair embryo is bright and clean surface as the outer surface of the bending part, in order to reduce the outer cracking
3. The bending forming springback phenomenon can be created, the greater the bending radius and the ratio of the thickness, the greater the springback.
The technological requirements
1.The length, width, thickness, material grain direction should conform to the requirements of the drawings; Plate surface clean.
2. According to the drawing requirements and material selection of a suitable mold.
3. Check the bending machine working condition and maintenance of equipment prior to processing.
4. Processing and machining process, deal with mold bending surface cleaning, lubrication.

Process quality
1. The processing surface should be clean, raw materials such as surface protective film, such as affect machining parts precision or not, should be maintained; Shall not exceed the heavy scratches on surface scratch degree regulations, the provisions of the export products shall not be more than mild scratch.
2. Surface indentation, that is a periodic or aperiodic sheet metal surface concave marks, according to the processing sheet metal material length ≯ 5 x 10 / m.
3. Curved surface can’t have obvious tensile crack.
4. Fold the corner edge can’t have cracked edges. When bending crack edge is unavoidable, should be at the edge of the crack in the hole of proper size.

1.More than pieces of sheet metal bending processing before the first article inspection must be conducted.
2. Visual inspection in accordance with the requirements of article 4.1.
3. Bending parts size inspection according to the requirements of article 4.2.
4. Bending shape inspection according to the requirements of article 4.3.
5. The reworking, repairing bending test according to the test program, and shall not reduce the quality indicators.
6. Other quality requirements shall be in the pattern and process files under the provisions of inspection and make a determination.

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